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Private policy

Every time a user accesses the University of Heidelberg's website, it is recorded in a protocol file.
The data in this protocol file are not connected to individual persons. This means that we are not
able to track the sites users access or what files they retrieve.

The following data are saved in the protocol file:

    * the name of the file retrieved
    * the data and time of retrieval

For statistical purposes, website access is evaluated, without eliciting information on the computer
(computer identification of the IP address) used to access the University of Heidelberg's website.
The evaluation is restricted to the network (sub domain) of the computer used for access. The data
used for evaluation are deleted from the protocol data after a period of no more than two months.
Protocol data are not made available to third parties.

Booking data are only used by the organisers in the context of the event or to get in touch with the
user in the future. Personal data are not made available to third parties. The cryptographically
secured transmission of data to the University of Heidelberg is only guaranteed if it is expressly

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