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UniTT - Conventions: Jaspers Congress 2011
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Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to Heidelberg and the International Conference '100 Years of Karl Jaspers' "General Psychopathology"'.

The celebration of 625 years of the University of Heidelberg gives as an opportunity to anticipate another anniversary important in particular for psychiatry and phenomenology: the publication of Karl Jaspers' epochal work 'General Psychopathology' in 1913. The Centre of Psychosocial Medicine of the University with its Psychiatric Hospital where Jaspers wrote this influential volume as a 29 year old clinical assistant hosts a number of experts familiar with his psychiatric and philosophical work. The purpose of this meeting is to critically highlight Jaspers' basic psychopathological concepts and their anthropological roots in light of modern research paradigms. Critical evaluations will be presented e. g. of his definition of delusion, his concept of "limit situation" so much challenged by trauma research, and his methodological debate. The renaissance of the first person perspective reintroduced by phenomenology and considered critically by Jaspers will be debated as will be several further topics. The organizers are striving for offering ample time for general discussion.

We are looking forward to an interesting debate reconsidering the foundations of modern psychopathology.

Thomas Fuchs
Professor for Philosophical Foundations of Psychiatry
Dept. of General Psychiatry, University of Heidelberg

Sabine Herpertz
Professor for Medicine
Head of the Department of General Psychiatry,
University of Heidelberg

Christoph Mundt

Professor emer.

Dept. of General Psychiatry, University of Heidelberg

Foto oben: Karl Jaspers, 29.9.1910; Quelle: Universitätsarchiv Heidelberg/ Bildarchiv

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